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    Children cannot wait. Lakota Kidz recognizes that the problems of poverty require long-term solutions and political will.

    But the children of Wanblee need aid immediately, especially fuel assistance during the bitter winters when temperatures

    can drop to 40 below zero. The small amount of fuel aid that residents may receive from federal or state sources sup-

    plies less than a month’s worth of propane. Every year, the largest nearby newspaper, the Rapid City Journal, reports

    on the impact of severe storms that paralyze the rezervation: remote roads, electrical outages, broken water pipes, and

    diminishing supplies of food and fuel. Desperate families have been known to burn their clothing and furniture when

    fuel runs out. Elders are found dead as a direct result of no heat.

   These are just some of the obscenely unjust conditions that motivate Lakota Kidz to support child-centered projects such

   as Head Start, school books/supplies, and family fuel assistance for the Pine Ridge Reservation. We count on and are

   grateful  for your help.

   - Linda Simon

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  • Skip Schiel

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Advisory Board

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  • Kuk James
  • Linda Simon - Chairman
  • CarolTaylor - Secretary/Treasurer

Remembering our Founder, John Paul Sullivan

A message from our President, Linda Simon

​​​​​​John Paul "JP" Sullivan of Hull, Massachusetts, a man of deep integrity and love for humanity, died in April 2015 of cancer. JP was devoted to helping the families and children of Wanblee. He visited the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation many times, often driving an 18-wheel truck cross country to deliver household and clothing donations.

The connection between the people of Wanblee and JP was so faithful and strong that they made him an honorary member of their nation. When other Hull residents became aware of JP's efforts, they were inspired to work with him, and Lakota Kidz was born. We continue in his spirit the good work he began. The board members of Lakota Kidz extend deepest sympathies to JP's children.